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Features and improvements we've recently shipped.

May 14, 2024

Free Art Marketing Webinar on May 23rd


Join us for a free, artist-focused webinar as we dive into art, creativity, & marketing with renowned artist Tony Pro along with industry experts Clint Watson, BoldBrush’s Founder, & the BoldBrush/FASO Marketing team. This webinar is open to all artists!

Learn more artist Tony Pro!

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024

9AM PDT | 10AM MT | 11AM CDT | 12PM EDT

Registration link:

If you missed the last webinar, a recording has been posted to the BoldBrush Circle of Marketing.

May 13, 2024

FASO Live Q&A with Jason Smith and Gayle Wisbon


FASO Live Q&A with Jason Smith and Gayle Wisbon

(All FASO website tech support related questions are welcome)

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

3:00PM (Eastern) | 2:00PM (Central) | 1:00PM (Mountain) | 12:00PM (Pacific)

You can also click here to view the start time for your local time zone.


Meeting ID: 818 9887 3099
Passcode: faso2024

March 03, 2023

BoldBrush Member Handbook


We are excited to announce this important update that will enhance our customer’s experience with FASO. We have created a helpful new tool for our members called, “The FASO Member Handbook”. The handbook is a crucial introduction to FASO and is loaded with helpful information; such as getting started info, details about FASO’s services, member benefits, marketing and guidelines that reflect our commitment to providing the best possible support to our members. 

If you have activated your FASO account to become a paying member, this great new resource can be found in the links at the very top of your FASO control panel. 

The new FASO Handbook will be updated regularly as things change. On the cover you will notice a version number. If you should have questions about the contents it will be helpful to include this version number in your inquiry. 

Click Here to Learn More

January 10, 2023

Video: The 6 Steps to Closing A Sale is now available in the Marketing Center


The biggest challenge in sales for artists is closing the sale and asking if the person wants to buy. The fear of being salesy or pushy, and someone saying no is keeping artists from reaching their financial goals. To reach success; artists can follow the six steps in this course which will help them to build trust, and set up the sale in such a way that the client sells it to themselves by realizing their value in the artwork. This video is now available in the Marketing Center - Watch Now

December 08, 2022

Video: 5 Steps to a Successful Studio Sale is now available in the Marketing Center


Want to learn how to build a following, prepare your fans, and conduct a successful studio sale on Instagram, then don't miss our video: 5 Steps to a Successful Studio Sale, now available in the Marketing Center.

Regardless of season, running a studio sale can always be profitable if you know how to do it. If you want to take your studio sales to the next level, look no further than this video course.  Watch Now

December 06, 2022



FASO has a new Art Marketing Center with many new features to help you better market your art!

Members only content, engage in community dialogue, ask questions, and watch recent marketing webinar videos.

To access:

1. Login to FASO
2. Click "marketing" in the toolbar
3. Click "FASO Marketing Center

Click Here to Login Directly

October 05, 2022

Assign Subscribers to Segment during batch or csv upload


FASO is pleased to announce to addition of a feature to enhance your experience when you add subscribers to your newsletter using the batch feature or upload them from a .CSV (comma separated value) file. It is now possible to assign newsletter segments during the batch and .CSV upload. This handy addition will save you a considerable amount of time if you have a significant number of subscribers and you wish to segment your list. 

In your control panel click the Newsletter button (dragonfly icon) and then click Subscribers in the left sidebar menu. Once you are in your Subscriber list area, click the Add Subscriber button and select Import Subscribers.

You will have the option to click on the General tab to copy and paste or enter names for batch addition or the Import CSV tab to upload a .CSV file. The process to assign segments is the same for either option. Where you see Segment, simply click in the corresponding field and you will see the drop down menu populate with all of the existing segments that are available. This includes system generated segments as well as custom segments you have created. Select the segment(s) you wish to assign. It is possible to assign multiple segments at one time. 


An additional option is if you want to add a Source to the Subscribers as you add/upload them. The source could be from an exhibit, event, or perhaps a class or workshop as examples. To add the source note simple enter the text you wish to serve as the source reminder. 

Once you take these simple steps, you can click the terms box and click the button to go to the next steps and follow the remaining prompts to finish the batch and/or .CSV upload. 

September 28, 2022

Print on Demand Beta - Choose Sizes & Now Ship to Mexico and Canada


An update on our Print on Demand Beta - we've made two of the most requested improvements!

1.  Choose your own standard sizes

Now you can choose the sizes you want to offer (previously our algorithm automatically calculated the sizes).  If the image is a standard aspect ratio, you will be able to choose which specific standard sizes you want to offer.

Here's what that looks like:

2.  Shipping to Canada and Mexico now supported

Shipping of Art Prints on Demand  is now supported to USA, USA Islands, Mexico and Canada. 

Here's what that looks like:

July 06, 2022

Make an Offer - with Individual Artwork Selection


We released the exciting and optional Make an Offer feature on June 1. It was set to be disabled by default. Once the feature was enabled it was a global setting and applied the Make an Offer button/link on all available artwork. Upon receiving excellent feedback, the Make an Offer feature has been expanded to include the ability to select the feature for individual artwork titles and still remains an optional feature.

An additional link option has been added in the Artwork Portfolio listing view to give you access to enable the Make an Offer Feature. 

Once you click on the link labeled Enable / Disable the "Make an offer" feature on all Artworks, you will be taken to a screen with a toggle slider and two buttons. The first toggle slider is what you click to enable the feature on your account. If you plan to use the Make an Offer feature for only a few select works, after you click the toggle/slider to enable the feature, click the Exit button and proceed to edit your individual artwork records.

If you would like to apply the Make an Offer feature to your entire artwork portfolio, once you click the toggle/slider to enable the feature, then you would click the green Enable In All Artworks button which will simultaneously add the Make an Offer link/button to all of your available artwork records.  The Disable In All Artworks button reverses that action and will simultaneously remove the Make an Offer designation for all available Artworks. Additionally there has been a metric added to tell you how many artworks have the Make an Offer feature selected.

Editing the Individual Artwork Records

Once you have enabled the feature on your account, and you are ready to apply the feature to the individual artwork records, in your control panel, click Artwork to show your Artwork Portfolio listing, locate the individual record either by scrolling down to the record or by using the search feature. Click the thumbnail or Edit link.

Scroll down to Accept Offers click the Yes option, then click the Save Changes button. You have now individually added the Make an Offer feature to the specific artwork record. It is that simple.  

June 01, 2022

Make an Offer


How often do you see something you might like to acquire but the listed price is a little bit higher than you want to pay? The next thought that goes through your head is.."I wonder if the seller would take $ XXX.00?" If you spend any time on eBay, you have likely seen items listed with the option to either bid, purchase now or Make an Offer. FASO is pleased to announce the Make an Offer capability has been added to the website platform. 

To enable the Make an Offer feature, log into your FASO Control Panel, click the Gear Icon, and click Account Settings. Then in the next page click Settings.

After clicking settings, scroll down to Commerce settings and look for Make an Offer. Click the corresponding edit link then click Yes to enable then click Save Setting to save the changes.

Note: Once you enable this feature, it will automatically become available in all of your available artworks. We will soon be working on a way to control the availability of this feature on a per artwork basis.

What does it look like once you enable the Make an offer button? In the artwork zoom/details view the system will add a discreet link below the Add to Cart button like this.

If the site visitor decides they want to make an offer, the would click the link which brings up the dialog box with options to select standard discounted amounts (5, 10, or 15%), or they can choose the Enter custom offer option and enter the offer of their choosing. They are required to enter their email address, Country, and Region to be able to activate the Send Offer button. 

Once the Send Offer button has been clicked they will receive a confirmation dialog stating the offer has been been sent and to whom it was sent.

When an offer is made you as the artist will receive an email with the offer details and two buttons to either Accept offer or Do not accept offer. 

If you do not accept the offer, click the appropriate button in the email, and it will open your web browser where you will have a form to send the visitor an optional note. 

Once you click the Do not accept offer button again, the website visitor who made the offer will will receive an email stating the offer was declined along with the note if you chose to write one.

**Note: Once you reject an offer, you are unable to go back to the same offer and then accept it.

If you choose to accept the offer, the flow is similar. Click the button in the email you received to Accept offer which will open your browser and give you a form to submit an optional note to the visitor who made the offer. Then click the Accept Offer button again to send an email notification to the website visitor who made the offer.

Your website visitor who made the offer will receive an email notification stating their offer was accepted and will include the note if you chose to submit one. The email will also contain a button for the website visitor to Complete the purchase. 

From here, the website visitor will have to click the Complete the purchase button which will add the item to the shopping cart with the price adjusted to reflect the accepted offer price.

Once the item is in the shopping cart, all that remains is for the website visitor to click the Go to Checkout button and follow the remaining prompts to complete the transaction the same way they would complete any other transaction.